So, a potential buyer is coming to see your house. Don’t panic! Follow these tips to present your house in the best way possible during a showing.

· Turn ON every light, even in closets, hallways and inside/under cabinets.
· Open all curtains as wide as possible; leave blinds down but open the slats fully to let in light.
· Turn OFF all ceiling fans.
· Remove all photos and magnets from the refrigerator or other appliances.
· Remove anything on top of refrigerator.
· Put dirty dishes and sponges/scrubbers in dishwasher.
· Hide trashcan and kitchen rugs
· Remove any food from the countertops. Store all countertop appliances
· Remove everything from dining room table, including tablecloth. The only thing on the table is a simple bowl filled with fresh lemons.
· Remove children’s high chairs and booster seats. Put away all toys and infant equipment.
· Put away bills, newspapers and magazines, remote controls.
· Conceal as many electrical cords as possible.
· If you have a pool table, take cover off and rack billiard balls in center of table ready to play.
· Put away all clothing and close dresser drawers.
· Remove everything but one or two decorative items from tops of bureaus.
· In bedrooms, a few toys are fine, but avoid piles of games, books and dinosaurs all over the floor.
· In infant rooms, hide anything diaper-related.
· In the bathrooms, clean mirrors and countertops. Remove everything from countertops except a new hand towel and a few accessories.
· Put one or two fresh towels on towel bar. Remove any towels hanging from pegs.
· Remove bath rugs and sweep/mop floor.
· Hide all makeup, shampoo bottles, tissue boxes, wastebaskets and toilet brushes.
· Put the toilet seat down.
· Stash any laundry inside the machines and organize shelves.
· Remove the cover from your barbecue grill if it’s in good shape.
· Open any deck/patio umbrellas
· Remove any cars, boats, trailers, from the driveway. Don’t put them in the garage – park them on the street where they can’t be seen from inside the house.
· Move garbage cans and recycle bins inside the garage.
· Close all garage doors.
· Hide hoses, hose-holders, sprinkler attachments.
· Store any children’s toys or sports equipment both inside the house and outside.

With these tips, it’s easy to get top dollar when selling your house!

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