Getting ready to sell your home? Appearance is everything if you’re looking to sell quickly and get top dollar for it. There are many things you can do to improve the look of your home without having to shell out a lot of money. Here are some quick tips for preparing your home for sale on a budget that will help sell your house fast in San Antonio!

Deep Cleaning

One of the cheaper ways to get your home ready to sell is by doing some deep cleaning yourself. Deep cleaning can help get rid of any lingering smells that may not even be aware of and give your home a clean/fresh scent. Move furniture around, dust under mats and get into every nook and cranny. Dust the tops of your doorways and window frames and polish all wood or ceramic flooring. If you can fit it into your budget, hire a cleaning company to get your home professionally cleaned so that everything is spotless.

Neutral Paint Color

If you have walls with beautiful, bold colors, it may work against you. Neutral paint colors are always the best option because it allows people to more easily picture the space as “home”. Having a blank canvas allows future home buyers to imagine what they would do with the walls in each room. Adding a fresh coat of neutral color paint can transform any room by making the room look cleaner, fresher and bigger.

Get Rid Of Clutter

This is a must!! Clutter can make any room look smaller. Make sure to open up space in every room. Put away toys, items that can be stored in a closet and any extra furniture you can store. Make a clear pathway for potential homebuyers to navigate your home. Keep only the essentials in every room. Allow some room for anyone that’s looking at your home to be able to picture what he or she would do with the room.


Staging is showcasing the best side of a home to create interest. Staging your home doesn’t have to be a headache or a huge expense. Right before a showing, buy some fresh flowers, light some candles and create a clean and fresh ambiance. You could even bake some cookies and put them out as a snack. Nobody can resist the smell of fresh baked cookies and it may remind people of home. A home doesn’t have to be empty during a showing. Too much emptiness might make your house seem cold and lifeless. Make your home looked lived in, but not washed up. Show potential buyers what they could do with the home in terms of living in it, but leave some room for their imagination.

Curb Appeal

First impressions matter, this means the front of your home needs to give a great one. Mow your lawn and keep up with some gardening. Get rid of eyesores such as rotted wood shutters or chipped paint. Clear out any lawn ornaments, kids’ toys, obnoxious decorations and any personal items that don’t belong on your front lawn or porch. If you have a bigger budget, spend a bit of money on some landscaping. Having great curb appeal makes for a good start in a showing and sets a good tone for the rest of it.

Keep Your Home Looking Polished

Lastly, getting your home ready to sell doesn’t have to empty out your bank account. As we mentioned, there are many cheap and easy ways to make your home look presentable. Besides doing all the things that we mentioned, keeping your home looking polished on a regular basis will help you to be prepared to show your home, and will make staging your house much easier. A great to come up with ideas is to check out Pinterest! Put yourself in the potential buyers shoes and think about what you would look for if you were the one looking at a home.

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